As the summer heat continues into August in Charleston SC, commercial artists are everywhere rejoicing. This is the best time of the year for professional painters to cover your exteriors with all kinds of professional-grade paint finishes.


In addition to changing the look of your building, summer paint jobs will provide a protective layer from upcoming elements and reduce the need for unexpected and costly renovations. If you are thinking of repainting the exterior of your commercial building before the summer heat is over, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Upgrade your commercial exterior:


Before you start repainting, take a moment and look at the condition of your walls. Cold weather, heat, and humidity contribute to the build-up of dirt, rot, mold, and constant pollution of your building. An important part of maintaining the quality of your appearance is taking time to pressurize or clean properly with a wire brush. This way, you can easily remove dust and dirt from the walls.


Go Through And Inspect Your Surfaces


After you’ve washed everything, walk around and check all surfaces for cracks, peeling, chipping, or excessive discoloration. These are indicators of the destruction of the coating. If you notice these defects, act immediately and take corrective measures. This will help prevent permanent damage to the coating.


Look At The Forecast Before Painting


Choose your days wisely. You may not know, but the ideal weather for outdoor painting is when temperatures hover around 21 degrees, with humidity around 50 percent. Remember that painting a surface after it has been in direct sunlight can affect your paint job. Surfaces that have been in the sun for a long time can be 5-7 degrees hotter than if they were darkened. On very hot days, do not paint at all. Excessive heat will dry out the coating too quickly, cause heat bubbles to form and destroy the surface texture.

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